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Specialty Tires

At Mitchell Carquest Auto Parts & Service Station, we're packed full with your favorite specialty tires. From lawn mower tires to horse trailer tires to ATV tires, we have everything you're looking for under one roof. Scroll down to learn more about the types of tires we have for sale, then call (570) 662-2277 for a competitive price quote. We look forward to keeping you rolling with some of the best brands and prices in our area. 

We proudly serve the specialty tire needs of families across Mansfield, PA, Wellsboro, PA, Blossburg, PA, and surrounding areas.

Visit Us for Specialty Tires

Lawn & Garden Tires

When it comes to taking care of a commercial or personal property, the type of lawn and garden tires you choose is indispensable. They're the difference between a nice lawn and an unintentional construction site. At Mitchell Carquest Auto Parts & Service Station, we know just what you need - lawn mower tires that glide over the ground instead of tearing it up, wagon tires that easily roll over the toughest turf, and push mower tires that don't resist you. You can find them and much more at our tire shop.

We stock Carlisle lawn and garden tires.

Types of Lawn & Garden Tires

Our array of lawn and garden tires are perfect for a variety of equipment. We carry:

  • Tractor Tires
  • Lawn Mower Tires
  • Push Mower Tires
  • Wheelbarrow Tires
  • Handcart Tires
  • And More!

When you’re looking for lawn and garden tires, stop in and let our team help. If your tires are worn out or giving you problems, we’re ready to assist you with our wide selection of quality lawn and garden tires.

Trailer Tires

The next time you need new trailer tires, stop over at Mitchell Carquest Auto Parts & Service Station. At any time, we have a huge selection of brand name trailer tires for sale at competitive prices. Our inventory includes Carlisle trailer tires. No matter what type of trailer you own, we're certain we have a tire in stock for you.

Trailer Tires for Sale

Specialty Tires in Blossburg, PA

You have traveling to do, product, equipment, or livestock to deliver. When it's time to bring out the trailer, check your tires to make sure you're still in good shape. If you see dry rot or notice that your trailer tires are completely worn, stop over for replacements. We have:

  • Boat Trailer Tires
  • Utility Trailer Tires
  • Camper Trailer Tires
  • Horse Trailer Tires
  • RV Trailer Tires

All our trailer tires come from respected manufacturers, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting a quality tire whenever you need one. As always, our tire prices are highly competitive. Call for your specialty tire quote today.

ATV Tires

Where others turn away, you slam the pedal. At Mitchell Carquest Auto Parts & Service Station, we want to help you go on more adventures, wherever they may be. From riding through tough mud and soft sand to taking on wooded trails and coarse motocross tracks, your all-terrain vehicle is able to go virtually anywhere. . . with the right tires.

Fortunately, our local tire shop carries a wide selection of ATV tires for a variety of terrain, including Carlisle ATV tires. Find the perfect tires for your next adventure today.

Explore the World with the Right ATV Tires

Specialty Tires in Mansfield, PA

When you're ready for replacement ATV tires (or new ATV tires built for different terrain), give our team a visit. You'll find:

  • Mud tires designed with wide-spaced, irregular treads to provide better grip in muddy conditions.
  • Sand tires designed with a straight-blade style and “paddles” to move easily across the sand.
  • Sport and racing tires created with a spaced design on the front tires to give you control and a zig-zagging design on rear tires to help you with corners.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your all-terrain vehicle by outfitting it with the best possible tires. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer all questions you may have about choosing the best ATV tires.

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